September/October Blog Update



So, last month, I decided to start keeping track of my process from novice, hobby blogger to full-time income blogger. It’s a way to keep myself accountable and hopefully inspire someone else to reach out for the type of life they want to live.

I’ll be honest, this month was all about survival. Which is partly why October is almost at an end, and I’m just now posting this.  I wrote a few posts, and played around with affiliate marketing and the look of the site a bit, but overall the blog was really low on the priority list. Not only is Z in first grade, but I am taking 18 credit hours. Z is also involved in soccer, piano, and gymnastics…so, life is a bit insane. I think we’ve finally settled into a rhythm, which means that I should be able to divide my time better.

Goals for September:

Really get the whole affiliate marketing thing up and running. Which will inevitably mean going back through old posts and adding affiliate links. Such is life. – I’m still struggling with this whole affiliate marketing thing. I am now on ShareaSale, which I’ve heard good reviews about, and whenever I have a free moment, I’m looking at tutorials and recommendations. I’m trying to trust in the learning curve. I’ll get there, it’ll just take some time to wrap my head around it.

Update some graphics from older posts (particularly the ones that don’t have my new domain name on them). Nope, not even close to happening. Haha.

Get 50 new followers. I didn’t gain 50 new blog followers, but I’ve gained quite a few new Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook followers, so I’m calling this a success!

Really focus on my content. None of this will work if my content is shit. – While I didn’t write a ton this month, I was very much focused on where I want this blog to go, ideas for content, and ideas to let go of.

Have a new blog post up at least 3 times/week. Yep, not close.

Find at least 3-5 new blogs to follow and comment on their work. I still need to be better about commenting, but I’ve followed quite a few new blogs. I’m a part of several blogging communities on Facebook which has really helped me!

Get a custom theme up. It’s up, but I’m not a fan of it. I might look into Fiverr or Etsy for some design help. I know the essence of what I want, but am terrible at actually making it happen.

Fit ads on my page so that they’re not intrusive or ugly. Well, there are ads on my page, but I’m not liking the location, and they feel very intrusive at the moment. Please, trust me that they will not stay like this.

Other Stuff I’ve Done:

-I’ve been reading How To Blog For Profit: Without Selling Your Soul by Ruth Soukup (her blog is Living Well Spending Less). I’ve been following her for quite awhile, and the first thing that ever comes up when looking for “How to support yourself with blogging” tutorials…90% will refer to Elite Blog Academy which Ruth runs as well. I haven’t had the opportunity to participate in EBA yet, but I’m on the waiting list. I’m hoping I will have the funds to sign-up the next time registration opens! The book is fantastic and super helpful so far.

-I’ve been playing around with blog design a lot. So frustrating.

-I’ve focused a lot on establishing a strong editorial calendar, lining up blog posts, and carving out time to blog every day.

-I bought 2 domain names. One has to do with DISNEY! And the other is my name ( which I plan to use for my theatre, writing, and virtual assisting portfolio and services.

Goals for October:

-Content, content, content. I have some fun ideas and really think November and December could be a great time to explore some of these ideas!

-I will settle on a blog design. I will. YOU WILL NOT DEFEAT ME BLOG DESIGN!

-I want to start offering free printables. With the holidays coming up, this could be a perfect time to start.

-Start husslin’ on social media. I’m going to focus on Instagram (@cuetocuemama), and try to get at least 100 new followers.
Soccer season is finally done for Z, and I’ve finished all midterms, so things finally feel like they’re in a good rhythm. I’m really excited about what’s in store, I just have a lot of work ahead of me!