Our “Easy-Peasy” Summer Learning Schedule

Our Easy Peasy Summer Learning Schedule

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As educational plans are up in the air for Z with our upcoming move, it was important to me that I keep a somewhat normal learning schedule with her. A few months ago, I had an all-out lesson plan for each day of the week, completely color coded and scheduled.


Our Easy Peasy Summer Learning ScheduleA couple of days before I started “summerlearning” with her, however, I realized that is sooooo not my style. Well, I guess it’s sorta my style — I like to over-plan, so I can relax and then be flexible. So, I over-planned, realized that there was no way I was going to make Z (or myself) sit through hours of “school work” over the summer, and decided to chill the hell out.

So, you’ll notice there is no set schedule — only goals for the day. Part of my goal, when starting to work from home, was to have freedom in my schedule. Because of that it seemed silly to start a rigid schedule of learning at home for Z. Besides, I am an early bird and she is a night owl, so our mornings are very different. By having goals, we can get it done whenever during the day, and it takes the pressure off. Plus, Z is a visual learner, (and also loves feeling prepared) so having a checklist every day has been really fun for her, so far.

Over the summer, I’m only covering the basics (Reading, Writing, Math) with fun science experiments, field trips, and lots and lots of books. We’re making at least 2-3 trips/week to the library (which we both love…) And time spent actually doing work is 15-20 minutes or less (except for book reading or fun educational YouTube Videos/Games/Apps.

Supply List

Our Easy Peasy Summer Learning Schedule


As far as supplies go, go figure, I keep it simple.

As you can see, not only is my list super simple, but it’s also CHEAP. There’s just no sense in making learning complicated and/or expensive — learning can come from anywhere, and that’s the mantra I’ve been clinging to.

The clipboard is my favorite thing because it opens and has some storage. So, I store the daily sheets, her journal, and math workbook (although, we haven’t been staying in the math workbook much) in there.

Then, I clip a Daily Sheet and the Schedule to the front of the clipboard. Having a simple clipboard with a few tasks also helps me foster independence with Z (which is necessary since I also work from home).

I want to stress the fact that we don’t do it the same way everyday. Z and I both operate well in  a world that has routine, but flexibility. So, each day looks different, but similar, if that makes sense.

And that’s that…easy peasy right?

Do you have any sort of summer schedule with your family? How does it come together for you?


Dear Zoey,

I wonder how many shootings and attacks I will have to write about over the course of these letters.

All over social media and the news today are the reports of 50 people being shot and killed at a gay night club in Orlando (And last I saw, 53 injured). I’ve had to avoid TVs and my normal social browsing because I just can’t.

It’s not that I don’t love and cry for every single one of those people and the friends and family they leave behind. It’s not that I’m not f***ing irate that assault rifles are still legal or that you can’t have a reasonable talk about common sense gun laws without being slaughtered for “trying to take away a right to bear arms.” It’s not that I’m not completely heartbroken for my beautiful, incredible friends in the gay community.

It’s not. I’m all of those things.

I just can’t. I can’t see more thoughts and prayers. I can’t see people cover their eyes and close their ears to active and honest change. I can’t take another “from my cold dead hands,” conversation or argument.

But I’m gonna have to. Because I don’t want you to grow up in a world where we succumb to evil. Or stupidity. Or bigotry. Or hate. I want you to grow up believing that goodness can always be found. That hope is worth fighting for. I want you to grow up allowing evil to anger you — anger you enough to do something about it.

Unfortunately, I know that this is not the last mass shooting or horrific act of violence I will write to you about. There will be more pain and heartache and evil. But we will fight to be the good in the world. We will speak love into the darkness and brokenness. We will fight for change. Always.

Love you,


Dear Zoey,


There’s a lot in the news and media recently about consent, rape, and privilege. A 19 year old was recently convicted and given an unbelievably light sentence for the awful things he did to his victim. In light of all of this, I think I need to make very clear what consent means.

Z, if you ever get insanely drunk at a party — it doesn’t give anyone a right to your body.

No matter what you wear, where you go, or how far you go — it gives absolutely no one a right to your body.

You alone decide that. I don’t care if you flirt. I don’t care if you get naked. I. Don’t. Care. You and you alone get to decide what you do with your body and with whom. And if there is ever a time when you don’t feel comfortable with what is happening, you have the sole right in saying no. Don’t allow the pressure of being a tease push you into situations you don’t want to be in.

All that being said, we still live in a society where rape culture is extremely prevalent. I used to play into the “she was asking for it” bullshit too. Then I had you. And I realized all of the rules that girls had to abide by. The rules that become so ingrained in your head, they’re second nature. It becomes habit to put your biggest car key in between your fingers when you walk outside alone. It becomes habit to have a wingman checking your drink. It becomes habit to assume that because a girl is wearing more revealing clothing that she is an open door for sexual advances. It becomes habit to question a girl’s truth if she was drunk. It becomes second nature to not trust any male that you first meet, especially in a party setting, because he might rape you. Seems dramatic, right? But  until society makes rape a black and white issue, we will be forced to live this way.

But my beautiful, sweet baby girl — rape is black and white. There is no grey area. Consent is a really simple concept — if you want something, you agree to it. If you don’t, you say no. And if you are inebriated to the point of blacking out, that’s an automatic no (in case that ever comes into question). And if anyone, in your life, questions this — you can tell them to go straight to hell.