My Blog Diagnosis: 3 Reasons Why I Haven’t Gained More Followers…

As my school year wraps up, and I anxiously await my graduation, I now have an opportunity to sit down with my blog(s) and get serious about improving them. I’ll be honest, this last semester, I struggled immensely with focus. After being the busiest I’ve ever been last semester, I found myself completely burnt out. It was a struggle making it through my final few classes (and I even had to drop a few, taking them in the summer to lessen my load) , and so all motivation was thrown out the window.

Now that I’ve (for the most part) closed the degree chapter of my life (yeah, grad school’s gonna wait for a bit…) I’m so excited about my adventure in blogging, virtual assisting, and Etsy selling. In the past few weeks, I’ve been focused on the mantra, “Find the joy.” Because that’s the core ingredient to what I want in life — to find joy in every season, joy in the ups and downs, failures and successes. To live a life with gratitude is my ultimate goal.

When I read the crazy amount of blogging how-tos and income reports from successful bloggers, I’m completely overwhelmed. When peopleĀ mention have 100,000 pageviews, that seems like such a far-fetched number for me. I barely have 50/month.

So, what has been holding me back?

My Blog Diagnosis: 3 Reasons I Haven't Gained More Followers

Consistency of posts

I’ve had a post every month of two. That’s certainly not consistent enough to gain any sort of dedicated readership. I don’t even need to read another “How to blog” post to come to that conclusion. šŸ˜‰Ā Remedy: Since, I’m still in a transition time with school, Z’s school, starting some VA gigs..etc, I’m going to make it a goal to have 3 posts/week with C2CM. My other blog is going to take the backseat for a bit.

Trying to Do Too Much at Once

There’s a reason I reached threat level: burn out. I wrote earlier this year about my addiction to busy. And what I found the last 4-5 months was the fallout of that addiction. I went from a go-go-go rhythm to a I can barely convince myself to do the laundry attitude. I would sit in front of my computer to blog or do homework or even write a simple email and I would simply stare at the screen for minutes on end. Remedy:Ā I’m learning the art of hustling, but I have to remember to stick with my mantra (and a huge inspiration for this blog): Take it one step at a time. So, instead of stressing myself out by trying to attempt every idea/thought that pops into my head, I have a continuous list going on in Evernote of my random ramblings, thoughts, ideas, goals…etc. Once I get a second, I’ll find the ones that really speak to me in that moment and start writing out more detailed goals. I’m also creating my goals with a sense of sustainability, based on my own rhythm and temperament.

Take Myself Seriously

As popular as blogging is, it’s hard for people to take it seriously. So, they ask you what you do and you say, “I’m a virtual assistant, but I’m also trying to grow my Etsy shop and blog.” It’s easy for that awkward tension to permeate the conversation as you feel them questioning and slightly judging your response. I’ve always been one that attempts to explain myself way too much, and so it’s been a daily reminder for me to take myself seriously. As crazy and unpredictable as that life might sound to some, it’s one that I very much believe in and fighting to own.Ā Remedy: Stay clear on my goals. Reminding me of why I want this life, what writing does for me, how I want this blog to grow, and be excited for my successes when they come around.

Blogging is something I’ve been working on for years now. Mostly as a hobby, but now I can really see potential in investing in it. What are some stumbling blocks you’ve had to fight against in pursuing blogging or one of your passions?

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