Dear Zoey,

There’s a lot to be outraged about in this world. A lot of bad things happen to great people. Injustice seems to surround us wherever we go. And believe me, I’m the first one to pipe in when I see something that is cruel or unjust or mindless. (Okay, I’m an introvert, so actually I observe for days and days and days after tons of research and thinking, and THEN I say something…)

However, what I’m finding with the ever increasing consumption of media in our lives…is that people become enraged about EVERYTHING all the time. And what seems to be happening is a little like the “boy who cried wolf” story. If you become enraged about everything, and are quick to scream and protest and raise your red flag, you will eventually fall on deaf ears. And unfortunately, some really important issues are pushed to the side because of this.

So, I think there’s a delicate balance to find. Standing your ground and being firm in your belief system is important. It’s important to script out what our “personal” mission statements are. What we value. How we want to be treated. And most importantly, how we want to treat others. But thereĀ has to come a point where you stop talking and start doing. As cliche as it’s become, Gandhi had it right when he said, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

So, I guess what I want for you is to not be afraid to speak up. That’s usually the first step in change — acknowledging the problem, but then take action. It’s easy to repost articles and memes and quotes and hashtags, it’s a lot more difficult to stand up and say, “This is wrong, and I’m going to do something about it.” And frankly, I’ve failed pretty hard at this, but I’m learning. And I hope that you and I can change the world.

Be the change,

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