Dear Zoey,

I just finished the show Six Feet Under. It’s almost 10 years after it aired, but I binge watched it on Amazon…totally worth it. And it made me incredibly “aware” of my own mortality. That sounds morbid, but I think it’s actually been helpful.

Life is so quick. In a moment’s time, life can change forever. This past year, I’ve been exploring a lot of different mindfulness exercises and practices. I’m learning to be more dedicated to the moment, learning to appreciate what’s happening now instead of what will happen or what has happened. I have a tendency to either dwell in the past or get wrapped up in the future, and leave very little room for the now. But this present moment…it’s all we have, truly. And I was so tired of wasting it.

Even when times are hard, or you’re going through heartbreak, be in it. All in. Allow it to come over you…it might be painful, it might take you to some dark places, but by living in it, in that moment, you’ll find resiliency. More than love and wisdom and health…resiliency will get you through life. To learn that every moment is fleeting–good and bad. To learn that no matter what happens to you, you will still be you. Your circumstances, your choices, your mistakes…none of them define who you are. It’s the ownership of all of the above that will define you. Having the courage and resiliency to say, “I am me. In this moment. I may be wrong or I may be right, but I am still me. In this moment. Flawed and human, but still worthy.”

Let life in. Let it happen. Breathe in deep and suck out the “marrow.” It will always be worth it.


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