Building a Thankful Tree

How to Create a Thankful Tree

I’m a festive person.

Alright, that’s an understatement.

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the holiday season. From Halloween to Thanksgiving to Christmas to the New Year, I’m a maniac. I constantly scour Pinterest for new ideas, and I’ve found a balance between having a Pinterest holiday and a practical one. I’ve found in my few years on Pinterest that I will never attain the perfection that can be found, but that I can reinterpret ideas I see to fit my life and skills.

A few years back, I found several ideas for a Thankful tree. Thanksgiving often gets shafted between Halloween and Christmas. And a lot of it stems from many of us realizing the origins of the holiday aren’t exactly the rosy circumstances we were taught as kids. However, I’ve chosen to make the holiday about being mindful and thankful for my life and the various people and things that make it what it is. You can’t change the past, but you can embrace the now and choose to make traditions that are meaningful. And yes, I know you should be thankful every day (and I try to be), it’s sometimes nice to have a season really dedicated to reminding you of that.image4 (1)

So, this year…I decided to bring down the Christmas tree extra early and decorate it as a thankful tree. I bought some fall garland on clearance from the local craft store, some fake leaves, pumpkins, gourds and such, and then some leaf shaped cards to write a thing to be thankful for every day.

image1 (2)

It’s pretty humble, but also convenient. Once Thanksgiving is done, we’ll be able to take the fall decor down, and already have our Christmas tree up! Every morning, we each write a thing we’re thankful for and place it on the tree. Super simple, super cheap, and a nice sentiment! Do you have any Thanksgiving traditions?

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