Building my Blog – August Ups & Downs



So, last month, I decided to start keeping track of my process from novice, hobby blogger to full-time income blogger. It’s a way to keep myself accountable and hopefully inspire someone else to reach out for the type of life they want to live.

So, here’s my first completed month on this journey (at least in writing about it!)

August Goals:

Buy my domain & host  Yahoo! It’s been a long time coming, but I have now bought my domain (and as well!) I have been waiting to do this forever, so I have a huge sense of accomplishment. I’m also now hosted through Bluehost.

Figure out and setup Google Analytics. – DONE. Well, the set-up part, anyway. I’m still figuring out the terms and lingo, but this tutorial has helped GREATLY:

Find/create a custom theme. – This one is super overwhelming. I like to be a DIYer, especially with design. I’m just trying to determine if it’s worth my time. I think it will be once I have a totally custom design that really reflects me. I found these two great posts that will hopefully help a lot: Somewhat Simple & Creative Kristi.

Start planning out mine and Zoey’s big project. Funny story! Zo and I recorded a great intro and announcement for our upcoming YouTube channel. It’ll be a channel called Baking with Zo (and me). Well, we recorded this great video, then I plug my (new) phone into my laptop to edit the videos, and it asked me if I wanted to restore my phone to the last backup. Without looking at the date, I say, “Yes.” Well, the backup was from JULY 2ND! So, then I thought, “Oh, well it will surely be on iCloud.” Yep…not there..even though I say to automatically upload to iCloud, but still not there. Ugh. But anyway, we re-recorded the intro and even did our first baking video! I’m learning iMovie, but it’s pretty easy so far. I’m still editing the videos, but I think the more I do it, the better I’ll become (thanks, captain obvious). I’m a total novice at YouTube (Damn you, channel art and never coming out right!!) and baking, and I’m entering my busiest school year, so this should be interesting, but we’re both super excited about it!

Start tracking my hours (when blogging, researching, planning, etc)– To take any guesswork (otherwise known as math..) out of logging my hours, I went with this free time clock. I started logging my hours on Aug 17th and ended on August 31. Total Hours: 14.5 hrs.  Given that E school started for Z, E, and me, with E going leaving to go back to his school, I think that’s pretty impressive.

Work on connecting with other bloggers. – KINDA – This step is a big deal for me. I’m an introvert through and through. I don’t like the aspect of selling myself, and I’ve always thought that it’s a bit disingenuous to “connect with other bloggers.” Because I didn’t want to feel like I was reaching out to other bloggers purely to benefit myself. But I follow a lot of blogs (without actually “following”) and thoroughly enjoy the content, so I made a pact with myself that I would legitimately sign up for any newsletters, actually hit the follow button, and find these blogs on social media. I started commenting, but I would only comment if I felt really compelled to. I’ve started this process and have connected to a few Facebook groups of bloggers (two are in my city!)

Other stuff I did:
-Separated all of my personal social media from my blog social media. – Not sure how I feel about this one yet. I’m trying to find the best way to be able to post to my personal stuff as well as my professional stuff without constantly having to sign out and such. Pinterest and Instagram have me most frustrated at this point. I’m checking out Buffer and Hootsuite and I’ve also heard of TailWind for Pinterest. I’ll keep you updated on that one!

-Signed up for Adsense, Shareasale, Amazon Associates…doing more research and trying to figure out this whole affiliate thing. Another overwhelming aspect of trying to blog for a living. I JUST WANT TO WRITE DAMMIT!

-Started working on an editorial calendar.

Goals for September:

Really get the whole affiliate marketing thing up and running. Which will inevitably mean going back through old posts and adding affiliate links. Such is life.

-Update some graphics from older posts (particularly the ones that don’t have my new domain name on them).

-Get 50 new followers

-Really focus on my content. None of this will work if my content is shit.

-Have a new blog post up at least 3 times/week.

-Find at least 3-5 new blogs to follow and comment on their work.

-Get a custom theme up.

-Fit ads on my page so that they’re not intrusive or ugly.


Overall, this has been a really rewarding month. While I’m nowhere near close to being able to support myself and family with blogging, I see it in my future, and I’m excited for the opportunities that can come from working for myself.

Just keep on keepin’ on.

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