3 Money Saving Apps & Plug-Ins When You Don’t Coupon

I’ll admit, I get easily frustrated and frazzled when it comes to couponing/scouring ads..etc. For me, the least amount of work I have to do, the better. When I’ve tried couponing, I’m always frantic as I go through the store, making sure I mark everything off and get the correct amount of whatever I need. Seriously, my heart beats fast, I feel overwhelmed, it’s not pretty.

All that being said, I still love saving money. I’d venture to say that saving money is really a necessity on our tight budget. So, I’ve found a happy medium. I have a few (super easy!) money saving apps and plug-ins that have saved me a ton (okay, maybe not a ton, but they’ve saved me — that’s what matters, right?!)


3 Money Saving Apps & Plug-Ins When You Don't Coupon




I’m often really shocked at how little Shopkick is talked about in the blogosphere. Am I missing something? Or do people not resonate with it like I do? Basically, you can earn “kicks” that will eventually earn you gift cards (500 kicks gets you a $2 gift card at Target or Walmart, but there’s plenty more). You can earn these kicks by scanning items on the app, and sometimes just for walking in a store. Z loves to help find the kicks (it’s like a scavenger hunt), or if I ever have some time (hahaha, wait, when is that?) I’ll swing by a store and quickly do scans. They’ve also started giving extra kicks for buying certain items (called Kickbates), but I’ve only used this option once as I don’t usually have a need for the items offering this. I use my kicks as sort of a savings account. I just keep building up kicks until I’m able to earn the bigger gift cards. I’ve been able to pay for birthdays, Christmas presents, and plenty more using gift cards from Shopkick.




Oh my goodness, Honey is an absolute dream for anyone who shops online. It’s a nice little Chrome plug-in that you run every time you’re going to check out online, and it will run active coupon codes to try and save you money. It also has this great feature when shopping on Amazon (which I’m addicted to….) that will tell you if there’s a better deal. You click the icon, and it will take you to the same item at a lower price.

I printed my Save the Dates as postcards through Vistaprint and was able to take 50% off my total checkout price. A-MAZ-ING! Whenever we order pizza (which we do all too frequently..sigh), it runs coupon codes and saves us money there as well. It’s easily become one of my favorite money saving strategies.




We spend a lot of time at Target. A. Lot. Of. Time. So, it makes sense to use their money saving app: Cartwheel. I use it one of two ways. First, sometimes, I’ll look through the deals on the app before heading to Target and base my shopping trip around what I can save money on. Majority of the time, however, I go with my list and then, scan the items as we go along. I normally go for Market Pantry (Target’s brand) items because those are the ones that will normally have deals. And you may want to scoff at 5%, I’ll be honest, I scoff at it a bit, but saving money is saving money. Also, the deals aren’t always 5% off, I’ve gotten up to 25% off certain items before. The best is when you can pair an earned gift card from Shopkick with your savings from Cartwheel. Pure magic!


I’ve used a lot of other apps and plug-ins (Ibotta, Swagbucks, Walmart Savings Catcher, Ebates) and they’ve all been helpful and useful. I’ve just found that the 3 above are the three that I rarely forget about and are easiest to use. My goal is get on the Ebates train since I shop so much online. I’ll keep you updated on that one!

What are your favorite money saving strategies and/or apps? I’d love to try some new ones out!