Kick Off Your New Year by Treating Yourself to Something Younique!

Holy Cow! I am so excited to share this savings with you! For those of you who don’t already know, I’m a Younique presenter, and they have dropped several bombs on us presenters in the past few weeks. So, let me give you a run down.

#1 REFORMULATED 3D Fiber Lash Mascara

Kick Off Your New Year by Treating Yourself to Something Younique!

This stuff is NO JOKE. Our mascara has always been one of our hottest items (as well as being the foundation from which this company was built), and they have been working hard to improve — and they HAVE. Wanna pre-order? Fill out this form and I’ll make sure it gets shipped to you right away!


#2 A NEW presenters kit!


Kick Off Your New Year by Treating Yourself to Something Younique!


My presenters kit was amazing. I couldn’t believe how much savings it offered, and really didn’t think it could be any better. Well, I was wrong. As you can see above, you get an insane amount of stuff for a fraction of the cost, a 20% discount, a tablet, AND the amazing new, sturdy, and roomy makeup bag.


#3 Early release of the January KUDOS


Kick Off Your New Year by Treating Yourself to Something Younique!


The December Kudos was such a hit that Younique decided to release their January kudos early. They are available NOW – here’s what you get for $89:

Moodstruck Addition Shadow Palette
Moodstruck Stiff Upper Lip Lip Stain (including 3 exclusive colors!)
Touch Mineral Liquid Foundation
FREE limited makeup case

You can purchase here.

I’m a Younique Presenter

I Became a Younique Presenter


Yep, I can hardly believe it myself. A few weeks back, I signed up to be a Younique presenter. Me. Someone who doesn’t wear makeup often. An introvert that can’t stand “sales” work. These last few weeks have been a little strange as I’ve started this business entirely out of my comfort zone.

But I like it.

There were a lot of reasons why I decided to try this, but more than anything, I needed relief. I’m an empath. I’m deeply affected by the world around me — I carry weight on my heart all the time of how things are unfolding. I spread myself too thin. This is essentially who I am. And I needed something that was just mine. I needed to support something that was bigger than myself. I needed to HAVE FUN. I know it sounds trite, but life can be heavy y’all.

I needed something that was just mine.


The thing that threw me over the edge though was the Younique Foundation. It has two “branches” if you will — the Younique Foundation which provides healing retreats for women who have been victims of sexual abuse. The other branch is the Defend Innocence movement which provides education and resources for parents to help prevent childhood sexual abuse. This was huge for me. There are a whole lot of direct selling businesses, but none that are so focused on something bigger than themselves.

Also, in working with my sponsor and team — it’s been incredibly empowering (which is part of Younique’s mission statement), and just a positive force in my life. In a world that has been inundated with negativity, this has been a fun and validating (another part of the mission statement) experience for me.