The BEST things to have on hand at Disney World

I’ll admit, this past trip to Disney World has given the full-on Disney bug. I have always loved Disney World (And Land), but it wasn’t until this most recent trip with E & Z that I have become full-on WDW obsessed. My (currently non-existent) savings is almost solely dedicated to getting us back to Disney…no joke. I was a researching madwoman before our trip, and let me tell you, when you first start researching WDW on Pinterest, it is nothing less than overwhelming. You can check out my Disney World Pinterest board here:  Disney World. As you can see, I should probably start breaking down that board into smaller, more specific boards (Yes, I’m a freak…just look at the rest of Pinterest…and yes, this is legitimately on my to-do list) because THERE’S SO MUCH INFORMATION. So, my little list below might just be sucked into the inundated world of Disney Advice, but hopefully, it’s useful to you!


10. A lightweight backpack, like this one: Packable Handy Lightweight Travel Backpack Daypack-Black
This is the exact backpack I bought, and it was perfect. Plenty of compartments (but not too many for the bag-checkers at every park). I was able to tote around everything I needed (and a few things I didn’t) without it being bulky or uncomfortable.

9. An external battery pack, like this one: Dual USB Portable External Extended Battery Pack
I ended up not needing this as much as I thought I would, but when we were in a pinch, it was super helpful! I think the only reason it ended up not being as much of a necessity is because we left the parks every afternoon to rest at our hotel for a bit (See: 10 Tips for a Laid-Back Disney Vacation), so we were able to charge our phones during the afternoon before heading back to the parks. Either way, I think it’s an extremely valuable purchase, not only for Disney World, but life in general.

8. Ponchos, like these: Emergency Clear Rain Poncho 3mil PVC : ( Pack of 4 Pcs )
Again, we ended up not using these, even though there were several rain showers that happened while we were at Disney World. Fortunately, the showers happened while we were eating or resting at the hotel, but I like being safe rather than sorry. It rains a lot and sometimes very hard in Florida, so they’re useful.

7. Disney Junior Encyclopedia of Animated Characters: Junior Encyclopedia of Animated Characters
This is, by far, one of the best things I did. I found a tutorial via Pinterest, from Little Miss Save where she had the binding cut, had it rebound as a spiral book, and used it as the autograph book. Welp, I went with this idea and it was the best (and super cheap too!) Plenty of the characters took notice of the fun facts mentioned about them (Lady Tremaine even edited hers as it was not accurate in her eyes 😉 ). Plus, it helped us figure out who we still wanted autographs from!

6. Tip money. This was a big learning curve for me. Even if you have the dining plan, you still need to account for the tip, so PUT THAT IN YOUR BUDGET, so it’s not a shocker when you get the check. I’m pretty sure the Dinner Shows and Cinderella’s Royal Table are the only Table Service restaurants that include gratuity in their price.

5. Snacks. While we had a dining plan, and had plenty of snacks to last the 3 of us, it was nice to have some snacks on hand in case we were stuck in a line (which was rare because of the amazing FastPass system) or if we were waiting for the monorail/bus/etc. Don’t allow yourself to get to the hangry stage, it’s not a pretty sight!

4. Plenty of water. Seriously…keep yourselves hydrated. Majority of us aren’t prepared for the heat or the amount of walking you do at WDW. If you have the dining plan, you get refillable mugs (which I was a dufus and didn’t get until we were leaving -face palm-), but even if I had the refillable mugs during the trip, I’m not sure I would’ve used them in the parks. They had handles, which is great, except it’s hard to fit them into the side water bottle compartments of our backpack. So, I have a feeling, we would have still provided our own water bottles and refilled them at water fountains and such. Whichever way you do it, just HYDRATE (I feel like I’m in the military again…)

3. Band-Aids/Blister Care. We didn’t have any problems with blisters and I think it’s because we all had shoes that were well-broken in, and I applied this: Band-Aid Friction Blister Block Stick before we went out for the day in any “blister-problem” areas. But keep that stuff on hand because you never know.

2. Sunscreen. This should really go without saying, but I think some people forget how powerful the Florida sun is and that you should re-apply sunscreen every few hours (or more often, if you get wet…EVEN IF IT’S WATERPROOF!) E is a bit overboard when it comes to sunscreen, but I’d rather have it that way than to be burnt to a crisp on my vacation. And bring plenty of it too because I paid $15 for one little can in Magic Kingdom, when we finally ran out.

1. Good Walking Shoes. I cannot stress this enough….have great walking shoes…ones that offer support, are comfortable, and are broken-in. You will already be sore enough from walking, standing, getting jerked around on rides, so don’t add to it by not taking care of those feet. I bought these tennis shoes: New Balance Women’s W690 Neutral Cushioning Running Shoe,Blue/Pink,5 D US a few months before we left and I LOVE THEM. Easily the most comfortable shoes I’ve had…ever! And what’s better is they were only $40!

The best thing you can do when planning for a big trip like Disney World is to set yourself up for success before you even get there! What are some things you like to keep on hand while vacationing?

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